• Where to buy concrete grinding discs?

    When we do something, there always have some priorities in our mind. Even we didn't feel it, but it existed.The same case on buying concrete grinding discs.When we are buying something, it represe

    2019/06/03 289

  • Only 2 mins. - an efficient way for soldering round concrete grinding discs

    How does SUNNY solder the round type of concrete grinding disc, pad or puck automatically?It is a fact that in recent years in China, all the costs are keeping rising, especially the material cost and

    2019/04/15 64

  • What is a diamond grinding cup wheel?

    A diamond grinding cup wheel should be metal-bonded diamond tool with diamond segments welded or cold-pressed on a steel (or alternative metal, like aluminum) wheel body, that sometimes appears like a

    2019/04/15 240

  • What is WOC Las Vegas?

    The World of Concrete is an annual trade show for the commercial construction industry. It is held each year either in the months of January or February for four days

    2019/03/27 93

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