Only 2 mins. - an efficient way for soldering round concrete grinding discs

2019-04-15 17:44:45 64

How does SUNNY solder the round type of concrete grinding disc, pad or puck automatically?

It is a fact that in recent years in China, all the costs are keeping rising, especially the material cost and labor cost. But how does SUNNY continue to provide our customers the concrete grinding discs with competitive price, as always? The answer is to bring in new technology and automatic equipment and tools. The material cost is hard to be controlled, because SUNNY will never cut the price down by sacrificing the material quality. But the labor cost can be controlled. 

In order to save the cost and continue to provide our customers the most competitive concrete grinding disc/pad/puck. Since the end of 2017, SUNNY Technical Department optimized the working flow of soldering the round concrete grinding disc. We started to solder it by a much more efficient way – Automatic Soldering – Only cost just about 2 minutes. 

Let's see how we do it:

Compared with manual work, this new technology has brought lots of advantages:

-Better Soldering Result

Heat the steel and diamond segment uniformly, which can get a better soldering result.

-More Safe 

Avoid workers from being injured by the high temperature. It's very safe compared with manual work.

-High Efficient 

The process of automatic soldering is only about 2 min for each round concrete grinding disc, very fast. 

SUNNY SPERHARD TOOLS keeps on providing our customers with the best concrete grinding disc, diamond cup wheel, and service.

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