What is a diamond grinding cup wheel?

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A diamond grinding cup wheel should be metal-bonded diamond tool with diamond segments welded or cold-pressed on a steel (or alternative metal, like aluminum) wheel body, that sometimes appears like a cup. Diamond grinding cup wheels are often mounted on concrete grinders or angle grinders to grind abrasive building/construction materials like concrete, granite, and marble.



There are various designs and specifications of diamond grinding cup wheels to suit varied application necessities. Those with several massive diamond segments will undertake heavy workloads, as an example, grinding concrete and stone, whereas those with tiny or thin diamond segments(usually together with PCDs) are usually used for quick removal of paints, wallpapers, glues, epoxy and other different surface coatings.Some common type of diamond grindign cup wheels are "single row", "double row", "turbo type", "PCD type", "Arrow type" and etc.

Just like other different metal-bonded diamond tools, the diamond segments on diamond grinding cup wheels will have a range of different bonds(like very hard, hard, soft and etc), a range of different diamond grits, different diamond quality and different diamond concentrations to suit different uses. As an example, if construction material to be ground is very hard, the bond ought to be softer, and if the construction material is comparatively soft, the bond ought to be harder.

Diamond grinding cup wheels are utilized in different-roughness grindings. For coarse grinding of hard concrete, the bond ought to be softer and therefore the diamonds' quality ought to be higher, as a result of during this case the diamonds become blunt more quickly. The diamond grit ought to be bigger, usually from thirty grit to fifity grit. For coarse grinding, large grit can improve working efficiency (Sunny Superhard Tools has developed 6 grit and 16 grit to do the abrasive carse grinding). The diamond concentration will be lower.

For fine grinding of soft concrete(sometimes referred to as "polishing"), the bond ought to be harder and therefore the diamonds' quality will be lower, as during this case the diamonds will last longer. The diamond grit is often between eighty grit and a hundred and twenty grit, depending on the grinding necessities. The diamond concentration ought to be higher.

After being ground, the construction material is often further polished with resin-bonded diamond polishing pads of various diamond grits(200# to 3000#).

Manufacturing Methods


There are 2 common ways to manufacture diamond grinding cup wheels: hot pressing and cold pressing.

The hot pressing technique is to directly sinter the diamond segments in molds beneath a particular pressure in the dedicated sintering press machine, then fix or connect the diamond segments onto the grinding wheel’s body via high-frequency welding(usually silver soldering), laser welding or mechanical technique(like fire soldering).

The cold pressing technique is to initial press the working layer (containing diamonds) and the transitive layer (not containing diamonds) of the diamond segments to their forms directly on the grinding wheel's body, and let the segments connect with the wheel's body via teeth, slots or other different manners. Then, place the grinding wheels into sintering furnaces to sinter without press.

The cold pressed diamond grinding cup wheel has a better sharpness and lower price, but a short lifespan. The hot pressed one has an arelatively higher price, but a better quality and long lifespan. Sunny Superhard Tools can provide you competitive hot pressed diamond grinding cup wheels with high quality (Check how we did to increase the production efficiency of the concrete grinding discs from Youtube).

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