What shape of segment is appropriate for my concrete grinding work?

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choose the right diamond segment for different concrete grinding periods

We know that the concrete grinding can be classified with different periods and steps. Usually they can be coarse grinding, medium grinding and fine grinding. To fit different grinding periods, what shapes of diamond segments are recommended? Is the shape of diamond segment has any influence on the performance? 

Let's figure it out step by step: 

-What are the most important things for grinding a concrete/terrazzo/stone floor? 

Actually, what we more care about are efficiency & results. That means we need the diamond segments have a good sharpness and less scratch for the floors.

-What are the most common shapes of diamond grinding segments?

There are many different shapes of diamond segments for the grinding shoes. The most common diamond segment shapes are segment bar, arrow, round.

-What's the performance of each segment shape above?

Segment Shapes

Fit for different grinding requests


Scratch they made

Arrow Shape Segments

Coarse/Rough Grinding


Arrow > Segment Bar > Round


Round > Segment Bar > Arrow

Round Shape Segments

Fine Grinding

Segment Bar

Both Coarse & Fine Grinding


For coarse/rough grinding, SUNNY recommend using arrow shape segments. 

For fine grinding, SUNNY recommend using round shape segments. 

For medium grinding, SUNNY recommend using segment bars.

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